To integrate ManyChat into AEvent follow this two part setup.

Setup Part 1

  1. Log in to your ManyChat account at

  2. Click on “Growth Tools” in left sidebar.

  3. Click “New Growth Tool” in the top right corner and name it “AEvent”.

  4. Under Embeddable Widgets, choose “Button”.

  5. Please Note: You will need to customize the initial message that will be sent to customers under “Opt In Actions”.

  6. Click Setup then check the box next to “Pass value from widget to Custom Field”.

  7. In the box below “Select Custom Field”, enter “uuid”. If you don’t already have that field, you will need to click on “Create New” and create the field. 

  8. Under “Embed Your Widget” you will need to find your widget ID. It will be the value of XXXXXX in the code showing: <div class=“mcwidget-embed” data-widget-id=“XXXXXX”></div>

  9. Copy the widget ID into Notepad. 

  10. To find your API Key, click on Settings in the left sidebar, then choose API from the top navigation bar.

  11. Copy the Token and paste it into Notepad. If you don’t already have one, click the “Generate Token” button.

  12. Go to and click "Add Integration"

  13. Click on ManyChat.

  14. Paste the token into the API Key and and paste the Widget ID into the Widget ID field. 

  15. Click “Yes, Continue”

Setup Part 2 

  1. For the second part of integration, go into an existing Timeline or create a new one.

  2. Click on Settings then click the Integration heading and check the box next to ManyChat.

  3. Click on the Code heading then scroll down and click on “Confirmation Page Setting”.

  4. Copy the URL in the “ManyChat Callback URL box”

  5. Go back to ManyChat and click on Automation on the left sidebar then choose Rules.

  6. Click “New Custom Rule” in the top right and name it AEvent. 

  7. Click on Trigger and choose “Custom Field value changed” then click on “Change a custom field”.

  8. Select “uuid” then click on “has changed to any value”. 

  9. To the right, click on Action and scroll down to “External Request”. 

  10. Click “Add your request” and paste the URL you copied from AEvent into the “Request URL” field.

  11. Below that, click on Body then “Add Full Subscriber Data” and click Save.

  12. Your ManyChat account is now integrated into AEvent and able to be used for scheduling your timelines.


If you have any problems with your integration the first thing to test is press the "Test" button on the Integration. This will confirm if the connection to ManyChat is valid. If you continue to have problems, delete and re-add the integration. 

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